Vocal Notify

Email to Call

Email to Call is a seamless service that generates a phone call from your email and plays your custom message. This service is perfect for ensuring people receive your message for any situation: emergency alerts, information alerts, or wake up alerts.

With the combination of Email to Call service settings and data from your email, you will be able to simply integrate our system into your current business flow.

We call the number you provide in the To: field of the email, convert the Subject: and text of the body part of the email to voice, and play the greeting and messages over the phone (default). You specify the caller ID to display for your company.

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Email Filtering

Filtering is a great way to ensure only the messages you want to deliver are delivered. Based on match criteria our advanced filtering system can Skip, Allow, or Override the request. These filters are applied to all requests received by our system. A great example of effective filtering is when a system is emailing constant status updates but only ones with Subject: CRITICAL need to generate a call. Simply set up a rule to ignore all emails but ones with CRITICAL subject. Our team will work with you to set up effective filtering for your company needs.

Escalation Call List

Take your notifications to the next level by creating a call list. Your list can contain multiple phone numbers with criteria for each including priority and scheduling such as date and time. Each list can have as many numbers as you want - theoretically unlimited. The escalation list dialing stops when someone presses a DTMF touch tone key.