Vocal Notify

These are some example product uses...

The VocalNotify system is extremely flexible and configurable. The features already built-in allow customers with many different needs to configure the system for their specific requirements. No programming required, just click the options! Give your application a voice!

IT Alerts Of course one of the biggest uses is IT alerts. Customers using monitoring systems or hardware that generates an email use VocalNotify to generate calls to an escalation list. The escalation list can contain dates, days of the week, time of day scheduling. Using the filter feature, alerts can be ignored or redirected to different lists. The difference between someone responding at 3am or 9am can be significant.
Voice Mail System Most companies after hours calls go to voice mail, which sends an email alert. Using VocalNotify, after hours voice mail recordings can be 'forwarded' to generate a call to on-call personel. VocalNotify AUTOMATICALLY plays the attached wave voice mail recording. Great for systems like RingCentral voice mail.
Multi-language Notification We have a large European client using the system to notify salons about pending customer appointments. The challenge is to deliver using the correct language for each country. The clients emails Subject: contains a country code. The VocalNotify filtering system delivers the call using the correct language recordings for the country.
Web Orders We have several clients using the system to notify when a web order has been placed or a web customer has entered a product question. The VocalNotify system can route to different contact lists depending on the email received from the web system.
Hospital Temperature Alerts We have lots of hospital temperature monitoring systems generating alerts. Monitoring of everything from medication freezers to O.R. Surgical services. Several of our monitoring firms use their own proprietary systems to monitor and manage the alerts. Using the VocalNotify API, they are able to manage the call control, yet use our systems to perform the calling.
Camera Motion Sensors Commercial security providers or high value asset management can use the VocalNotify system to alert when a security camera detects motion.
Battery Service Warnings We have system vendors of remote automated systems that rely on emergency battery power. Their systems monitoring sends emails that generate a call to their customers warning of battery failures.
Medical Technician Dispatch One of our clients receives web requests for different cities. Using the VocalNotify filtering the correct technician for the city is dispatched autmatically.
Financial Triggers Automated trading systems can trigger alert emails for wild swings or extreme trading thresholds. An email can trigger a call or calls any time of the day or night.
IoT Our RESTful API allows IoT devices to trigger an immediate voice alert. Or, IoT vendor tracking systems can systematically generate an alert based on trends or thresholds.
Emergency Dispatch Call centers for fire and damage control use our systems to alert different response groups, depending on damage location. Using an Escalation list insures rapid response.
University Cryogenic Storage Notification of any temperature variation for storage of human tissue or biological entity can be critical. VocalNotify can place multiple calls from a single email.
Watercraft Warning One of our customers provides wireless monitoring of boats. Boats can take on water or have battery problems, requiring immediate servicing. An early alert can prevent castatrophic losses.
Machine Job Completion We have a few manufacturing facilities that have lengthy machine or curing processes. When the systems are completed, the email generates an alert call and/or SMS to signify completion.
IT Support Voice Message Most companies after hours calls go to voice mail, which sends an email alert. Using VocalNotify, IT support groups receive a call to the NOC with the voice mail recording. Great for centralized after hours support.
811 Notification The VocalNotify system is able to deliver a detailed voice notification of the job site to marking crews regardless of time of day.
Agriculture Freeze Warning Crop temperature and moisture monitoring systems can trigger an email alert. When directed to the VocalNotify system the appropriate list of people can be called to action.
Customer Order Ready Calls We have several clients that produce custom products for local markets. When the product is completed their email triggers an "order ready for pickup" call. This automates the process, improving customer service and eliminates the time and effort of follow up calling.
Travel Alert One of our customers monitors international travel related threats and emergencies. An email from their monitoring system to VocalNotify alerts the group nearest the incident.
Appointment Reminder Many small firms use VocalNotify to deliver a custom branded recording that reminds their customers of an up coming appointment. Reminder calls can play location and time or just a generic reminder. The choice is spending the time making ten calls or sending ten emails. This can be a real time saver for a small staff.
Billing/Payment Reminders Useful for reminding customers of overdue payments. Our system can speak dates, product details, billing amounts. Helps improve cash flow without spending the time on phone calls.
On My Way Notification Let your customer know your "On your way...". Calls are made in 10-30 seconds, so your customer can be ready for you. Or, let them know you will "Be a little late...". Works for contractor appointments, emergency repair services, lawn care, towing, furniture delivery, pool service, etc...
Credit Card Expiration Reminders A major problem with credit card subscription accounts is credit cards expiring. Reminder calls when cards expire can help reduce billing headaches. Our system will turn your email into a voice reminder call. Send one at a time or hundreds of emails.
Pin Code Reset If you have a security system that requires a Pin Code to reset access, just send an email to our system. Completely automate the process. Fast! Calls are made within 10-30 seconds.

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